Народно читалище
"Развитие - 1870"

Youth Theatre Troupe

The youth theatre troupe was created nearly two decades ago by Borislav Galabov and later taken over by Boris Lazarov. Today, the troupe is a part of the “Razvitie 1870” community center and its actors are trained in-house, starting their practice in the Children’s Theatre Class at an early age.

The art-style of the youth theatre is unique, always striving to improve and experiment in both the satirical and comedy genres, include farce, burlesque and vaudeville. The qualities of our artists compare to those of professionals. Their ability to get into character, their mastery of movement and pantomime combined with their excellent vocal abilities and undisputed intellect make them actors worthy of the name.

Their latest works include a satirical play based on “The most wonderful wonder” by Stefan Tsanev and a farce composition of some of Branislav Nusic’s popular works including „Analfabeta”, “Fly” and “Autobiography”.

Their exemplary work has earned them numerous trophies from some of the biggest theatre festivals in Bulgaria:

  • “The Little Prince” – Veliko Tarnovo
  • “Stage by the sea” – Pomorie
  • “Prof. Gocho Gochev” Theatre Festival – Kavarna
  • “K. Dimchev” Theatre Festival – Ruse

The “Razvitie 1870” Community Center wants to thank Iva Stoyanova, Nia Zlatkova, Sonya Tsoneva, Kseniya Dimitrova, Denislav Bogdanov and Georgi Georgiev for making our Youth Theatre Troupe something really special. It is thanks to their hard work, as well as everyone else who has in any way contributed to the art, that theatre lives on!